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Registered Massage Therapist in the heart of Leslieville, Toronto, Ontario.

For anyone local, I am right near the Loblaws on Leslie and Eastern.
Or Queen and Leslie for the closest transit stop.

I love living in Leslieville and giving back to the community is something really important to me. I have lived here for years and I love it here.

Helping people live in their bodies the best way they can.

Body-positive, safe space, queer friendly.

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Deep Tissue Soft Touch  

Hurting the entire time while getting treated is not fun and unnecessary.
I don't believe that you need to be in a lot of pain in order to get the results you are looking for.
With my approach, I can access the deeper tissues that you need treated, without putting you in loads of pain.

What would the treatment look like?

With the use of a hydrocollator that can penetrate deep tissue, hot towels, extensive anatomy knowledge, silicone cupping for tissue release, deeper pressure when necessary, and open communication, I can greatly reduce how uncomfortable a deep tissue massage can be and still receive significant results.

What is the difference between Deep Tissue and Deep Pressure?

Deep Tissue:

There is many layers of your tissue.
There is layers closer to the surface near your skin, and layers that are closer to your bones.

Deep tissue is accessing the muscles and soft tissues that are closer to your bones.

Deep Pressure:

Deep pressure is how much pressure the therapist is using on your soft tissue to apply their technique. This doesn't always mean that the pressure is reaching the deeper layers. If the top layers are very tense and hard to get through, the deeper pressure wont be able to properly treat the deeper layers.

When going to hard with pressure without warming up the surface tissue, this is how bruises can occur and also cause great pain during the treatment, without even properly treating the deeper tissue.

Deep pressure can feel very nice and be effective, when used correctly.

Increase Quality of life  

" I have a hard time putting on my pants. "
" It's hard to tie my shoes. "
" Putting on my jacket is difficult and painful. "
" Getting out of bed or off of a chair takes time and it hurts. "
" Walking up or down the stairs does not feel good. "
" I wake up in the morning and my feet hurt to walk on. "
" Sitting at my desk hurts my back or neck. "

I can help you with these.

Massage might be able to help you get back to living the way that you used to live.

Each individuals needs will be assessed and we can work together on trying to get you to living in your body in a more desirable way.

Reduce Pain  

Living with pain is hard. There is different levels of pain and it can last for a short while, or for months, even years. You don't want to be living with pain. You just want some relief.

Massage can relieve pain with many different techniques. It can possibly help by "closing the pain gate ". What does that even mean? Massage can stimulate nerve fibres that are faster at reaching your brain than pain signals and therefore have the brain not read the messages of pain from your body.

Massage also promotes blood flow to the area and with blood comes oxygen and nutrients to the area that also helps healing in the case of injury.

Decrease Stress  

You are feeling exhausted and tired. It could be multiple reasons; work, family, responsibilities, sports, finances, emotions, mental stresses, the list goes on. Running around trying to get things done. Constantly needing to do things.

A massage gives you 60 / 75 / 90 minutes of undisturbed free time. No one can ask you to do things while you are getting a massage. You have no responsibilities when you are laying on the table. It is your time to breath freely, let go, and not feel guilty for doing nothing.

Massage therapy has been shown to be a means by which stress can be reduced significantly on physical and psychological levels

While massage therapists know from experience that massage reduces stress, there is considerable research that validates our experience.

Decrease Stress

" A patient came in and was unable to sleep. They felt burnt out. They felt like they constantly had to be doing things. I was able to give them a space that didn't require anything from them. They were able to lay on the table, just breath freely and not have to do or think about anything. Eventually they fell asleep during the massage. Afterwards they mentioned how they were able to breath more freely and feel less bogged down. "

Enjoy Massage

" Sometimes people come for a massage simply because they like it. The massage room can be a space to relax and not have to do anything. It's a place where you can escape and just breath easily and freely. And it just feels nice to get a massage. "

Caring Touch

" Touch stimulates the release of endorphins. Sometimes we are feeling off, touch deprived, depressed, and have feelings of anxiety. Having a caring touch can help you deal with these symptoms we struggle with daily. "


" A patient came to visit me and they had been having neck pain for a while, and had a hard time turning their head. They said they hadn't been doing anything new so they don't know where it came from. While giving them a focused massage to their neck muscles and head, they agreed to try out an ergonomic pillow to try and give them proper support while they sleep. After the massage they were able to move their neck freely without restrictions or pain. "


" A patient came in complaining of shoulder pain. While treating them we also realised that they owned a large dog that kept tugging on the same shoulder while going for walks. With massage, they were able to to find relief the pain in their shoulder and they decided to switch arms while walking their dog."


" A patient came in and they worked at a desk all day. Their lower back continued to ache daily and really wanted relief. After giving focus to their back with massage, hydrotherapy, and stretching, they were able to get off of the table with ease. They could bend over, tie their shoes, and not feel pain while doing so. "


" A patient came in with pain in their knee when they would go for a run. I assessed how they ran. We came up with a self care plan that adjusted their form, added warm up before their run, included stretches, and had a treatment plan for 4 massages. At the end of it, the person reported that the pain had left and they were able to return to their regular length of runs. "

Increase Range of Motion

" Patients come in with an injury or the over use of a muscle, they find they are unable to do tasks that they used to do like picking up their kid, brushing their hair, sitting down to tie their shoe. With massage treatments they have been able to get back to doing tasks that they miss doing. "


" When pregnant, the body is going through changes. Massage can help relieve the stresses and tightness that pregnancy can put on your body. You can leave the treatment room with relief from common things such as back ache, shoulder and back tightness from swollen breasts, sore feet, and more. "


" Almost nothing is worse than a headache. I never had headaches until I got two massive concussions in 2020 and now I know. You just want some relief from the pain that is in your head. It can come from tension or chemical. Either way I can help. I might not be able to diminish a headache in one treatment but I can make it feel better. Let's get rid of the pounding, the ache, the sharp pains, the pressure, the neck pain. "

There are many reasons to get a massage

Whether you are trying a massage for the first time or you are a massage lover, the benefits are worth it.

If you would like more in depth information on services, visit my services page.

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Tyleen - Registered Massage Therapist

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How do I approach massage?

     I treat each person as a whole. Body, mind, and who they are. I don't believe that you can truly have results without working on all of the above. It doesn't matter what your concern is, or who you are, your body and mind need to work together to achieve the best outcome.
I like to combine treatment, relaxation, and a safe space to create a stress free healing journey.